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Revox (Brand) Height Increasing Shoes was established in 2015 by the team of most efficient people in the field of shoes industry. In the short span on 7 years Revox Height Increasing Shoes become India's most trusted brand. Revox is providing formal, casual, Sports Elevator shoes  at a very reasonable price in India for short height peoples. Other than elevator shoes Revox is providing Shoes accessories at very reasonable prices. Soon company (DDS Retails) has launched Revox Non-Height Increasing  formal shoes in genuine Leather at a very affordable prices. Since our first day in business, Revox Shoes has been offering our customers the best selection of Height Increasing Shoes  at unbeatable prices. Check it out and start shopping today. 

This website and Brand / Revox is owned and managed by DDS Retails which has its Registered Office at Azad Nagar, Opp. HMT Resort, Bela Road, Rupnagar - 140001 (Punjab) India 

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